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I’ve spent way too much money on courses from Gumroad, Teachable, and elsewhere. Below are some of my favorites. Many of these are affiliate links in which I may receive a commission.


Too Much Money

TMM is the book that started it all. It outlines how I find dividend stocks that pay out higher yields, grow fast, and have safe payouts.

Dividend Cultivator Web App

I built a web app a few years ago to help me perform my own research since most of the tools that I saw were lacking or very expensive. This app helps you find the stocks from TMM in just a few clicks.

Dividend Empire

If webinars are more of your thing, then you must check out Chris Johnson’s Dividend Empire. In it he clearly explains how dividends work, why you would want them to be part of your portfolio, and how to avoid dividend traps.

His other courses on earning income via side hustles are very eye opening and well worth the price.

Turbocharge your Dividends

It is very possible to earn even more income on your stocks with Covered Calls. BusinessFamous outlines the covered call strategy with excellent examples where you can earn call premiums that can be up to 20% of your dividend income every month!

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial statements are very scary at first for the new investor. As a finance MBA and former real estate banking analyst I had a lot of formal experience reading income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. InvestmentTalkk hands out a formal education on financial statement analysis in a nearly 200 page treatise.

Index Fund Investing

For 80% of people, stock picking probably doesn’t make sense. I even own a few index funds. If you want to get a good idea of how they work I recommend taking a look at WealthDad’s book Index Fund Investing 101.

Growing an Online Audience

Everyone can build a Twitter Audience

Daniel Vassallo is a Twitter GOAT. He made a huge splash when he quit his high paying job at Amazon to pursue a much more balanced lifestyle. He has two great courses. The first is where he covers step by step on how to grow a massive and engaged Twitter audience.

Hypefury: Schedule Tweets to Save your Sanity

Early on in my Twitter journey I started scheduling tweets with TweetDeck and HootSuite, but they weren’t up to snuff. So I switched to Hypefury and wow have I been impressed! I use Hypefury every day and its automation tools are lifesavers for anyone that is trying to grow a Twitter audience without losing their hair.

Learning to Code

Learn Javascript Step by Step

One of my favorite software people on Twitter is WellPaidGeek. He’s a javascript developer who has built a nice course on javascript that will get people from no experience to understanding javascript fundamentals in no time. I bought this course because I sucked at javascript and wanted to understand it better.

The Good Parts of AWS

Daniel Vassallo also has an excellent book on AWS since he used to work there. I use AWS extensively at work so getting the inside scoop from Daniel was a nice refresher on making sure I’m using the right tools for the job.

Advanced Ruby: Behind the Magic

I’m a rubyist. If I want to enjoy the code that I’m writing, then ruby is my go-to tool. Chris Oliver may not know it, but I’m indebted to him for his GoRails video courses. This is my way of expressing my gratitude for spreading his knowledge to the masses.

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