New Purchase: Texas Instruments

With the market falling like a rock, I was able to make a purchase I've been wanting to make for a while, but didn't properly fit into my income strategy; Texas Instruments. TXN is a semiconductor company that has a strong history and is financially very stable. While it has a relatively low yield (for … Continue reading New Purchase: Texas Instruments

Is Realty Income a Dividend Cultivator REIT?

If you follow dividend investing and REITs in particular, one name will almost always pop up as a solid dividend payer: Realty Income $O. Rightly so! Realty Income pays monthly dividends and has raised its dividend for the last 26 years. But is it a right fit for someone looking to grow dividends aggressively? Let’s look … Continue reading Is Realty Income a Dividend Cultivator REIT?

New Dividend Growth Purchase: AT&T

Whoa! Not a REIT? That's right! I purchased a boring stodgy telecom for my after-tax dividend growth portfolio. REITs have started 2018 with a bang rising ~12% with investors seemingly seeking safety and security. With that run up though, I could not find any suitable REITs that were fairly valued or had a dividend that … Continue reading New Dividend Growth Purchase: AT&T