Integrating a Membership Purchase with Gumroad Ping

I've been busy building software lately. One of the main things I've been working on is getting Gumroad purchases connected to my web application. Why Gumroad? Because the people who have supported my book are already there. It allows me to put all of the content and training videos in one place as well. Achieving … Continue reading Integrating a Membership Purchase with Gumroad Ping

Building Dividend Growth Software, Transparently If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I've been building software to help identify and research dividend growth stocks worthy of your investment dollar. At the moment I'm using various tools like digrin and Finbox (affiliate link) to help filter through candidates and view discounted cash flow models to ensure I'm getting … Continue reading Building Dividend Growth Software, Transparently

May 2020 Ex-Dividend Watch List

Each month I attempt to list some of the stocks going Ex-Dividend during the month. Last month I was a bit late, but this month I've managed to stay on top of things. The market panic over the coronavirus fallout has made a number of corporates extremely attractive! I've included some lower yielding stocks because … Continue reading May 2020 Ex-Dividend Watch List

Dividend Stocks are NOT the Best Investment

This article originally appeared in InvestmentTalkk's newsletter. He is a professional securities analyst and I highly recommend following him on twitter and getting a copy of his book on financial statement analysis. I am an affiliate because his analysis is sound and he's a Liverpool supporter. We are bound by blood to suffer a delayed … Continue reading Dividend Stocks are NOT the Best Investment

March 2020 Dividend Income

As dividend growth investor we are focused on generating passive income. And what better way to do that than to share income generated? March is my lowest month for dividend income. There just aren't that many companies that hit my stringent criteria, and I feel like a few of these companies were a stretch as … Continue reading March 2020 Dividend Income

Intro to Too Much Money

I've written a book on Dividend Growth Investing that covers my strategy and tactics for setting up a brokerage account, researching companies, automating income, and waiting for dividend income to roll in. It's called "Too Much Money". In the intro excerpt below I explain why I called it that and more on why I think … Continue reading Intro to Too Much Money