June 2021 Income Report

As dividend growth investors we are focused on generating passive income. I share my side income reports for transparency and to show people that I eat what I cook.

In June, I generated $5,267.11 in dividend, interest, and other income across REITs, Stocks, Options, Crypto, and Content. This is in addition to my part-time software job, where I’m not doing too shabby either.

If you aren’t aware, I focus on buying well-managed, higher yielding, yet still growing assets, most of which are REITs and MLPs. There are a few C-Corps that still fit the bill, but they are few and far between, although with the recent downturn, there is good value to be found and I’ve deployed additional cash over the past month to buy some of those issues to get some of the better tax benefits of qualified dividends.

Without further ado, let’s review:

Global X Russell 200 Covered CallRYLD$468.87
Global X Nasdaq 100 Covered CallQYLD$1243.90
Digital Realty TrustDLR$73.08
Extra Space StorageEXR$100.00
Total Dividends & Interest$1,983.04
Option Premiums$1,132
Gumroad Earnings$2,002.07
Crypto Interest & Fees$150
Total Side Income$5,267.11


The June cycle is my lowest dividend month and I don’t try to smooth out my dividend earnings, so sometimes I get $1,700 and other months I get $700. Since the beginning of the year I’ve started to accumulate shares in Starbucks. I’ve gamified this so for every $1 I spend on actual Starbucks liquid desserts, I invest $2. Sadly I’ve already bought 2 shares but need to add another 2 shares. Otherwise, I’m trying to conserve cash so that I can raise more runway for a startup that I’m working on. More on that startup soon. Overall, as things currently stand I’m on pace to earn over $19,000 in dividends this year, maybe even $20,000, a $7k bump over last year’s total. This excludes raises that might occur and additions to the portfolio.

In June I added to $RYLD to continue boosting income. Otherwise I’ve mostly been sitting on my portfolio.

Dividend Raises / Cuts

No raises since the last cycle.


In the last several months I’ve been selling cash secured puts and covered calls on higher volatility tech stocks. This is a very interesting strategy called the wheel strategy. I wrote a twitter thread on it, but the high level is that with options you are attempting to collect time and volatility premium as income. It can have some downsides, but if you can manage your risk, it is possible to earn significant additional income. I’m taking half of the option premium collected to buy more dividend stocks while keeping the rest for reinvestment into higher trading capital. This allows me to take active trading income and convert into passive dividend income.

Overall, to make an additional $1,132 to own growth stocks that don’t normally produce income AND I’d want to own anyways is pretty cool. If you’d like to learn more about them I’d highly recommend (I’m an affiliate) the Covered Call and Cash Secured Put courses by @businessfamous. The ROI on these is probably the very highest among all the investing related Gumroad courses I’ve picked up. $20 to earn an additional $400 per month on $6k in capital is a no brainer.

Crypto Interest & Fees

I’ve started to accumulate a bunch of crypto in the last several months. That means I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of learning about liquidity pools, farms, one-sided staking pools, lending protocols and other crazy stuff. At the moment I’m earning about $5/day in interest and fees from providing liquidity and farms. This is all reinvested at the moment. I’ve put together a few videos in a DeFi Cultivating course. Overall, I’m going to build these positions over time and test out a few different strategies that bridge the gap between traditional finance and crypto.


Finally, there is a non-dividend & interest row. If you don’t know, I have written a book on my dividend growth investing strategy called Too Much Money. This month had a nice landmark where I’ve crossed over $40,000 in sales! Here’s 25% discount to normal price using this link just for being a blog reader.

Overall, over 3,000 readers have benefited from the products and I’m humbled that so many people have decided to part with their hard-earned dollars to help improve their own financial situation! So thank you. Over $2,000 generated in one month is incredible and really motivates me to keep pumping out great content!

In February, I released a book on SaaS stocks as I have a “barbell strategy” when investing. My current income is supplemented by dividends and my retirement will be funded by hopefully massive capital gains from very capital efficient and rapidly growing software stocks. Grab the book with this link: Intro to SaaS Stocks. If you use the Too Much Money link above you can select the “Barbell Investing” variation of the product with the SaaS book included and save $4 or so.

Overall, this was a very nice month! July should be another well-paying month. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a $2,000 dividend month! How was your June?

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