December 2020 Income Report

As dividend growth investors we are focused on generating passive income. I share my dividend income reports for transparency and to show people that I eat what I cook.

In December I generated $2,955.01 in dividend, interest, and other income across REITs, Stocks, and Content. This is in addition to my part-time software job, where I’m not doing too shabby either.

If you aren’t aware, I focus on buying well-managed, higher yielding, yet still growing assets, most of which are REITs and MLPs. There are a few C-Corps that still fit the bill, but they are few and far between, although with the recent downturn, there is good value to be found and I’ve deployed additional cash over the past month to buy some of those issues to get some of the better tax benefits of qualified dividends.

Without further ado, let’s review:

Exxon MobilXOM$213.15
Main Street CapitalMAIN$68.06
Extra Space StorageEXR$90.00
Total Dividends & Interest$687.31
Gumroad Earnings$2,267.70
Total Side Income$2,955.01


December is my lowest dividend month and I don’t try to smooth out my dividend earnings, so sometimes I get $1,700 and other months I get $700. I didn’t make any purchases this month as I’m trying to conserve cash so that I can raise more runway for a startup that I’m working on. Overall, as things currently stand I’m on pace to earn $14,000+ in dividends this year. This excludes raises that might occur and additions to the portfolio. I’ll likely be adding only a small amount to the portfolio this year due to the startup, mostly due to me buying $2 worth of Starbucks stock for every $1 I spend there.


This is where things get exciting as a dividend investor. Great companies raise their dividends as their free cash flow / earnings increase. I bought more Broadcom in the prior months which also had a nice dividend raise and boosted my quarterly income. Broadcom’s raise was 10% which was actually somewhat disappointing given how well they have performed this year. Perhaps they have found some high ROI projects or are comfortable with their Free Cash Flow payout ratio and will look to maintain that rate going forward.

Side Income

Finally, there is a non-dividend & interest row. If you don’t know, I have written a book on my dividend growth investing strategy called Too Much Money. Here’s 25% discount to normal price using this link just for being a blog reader.

Overall, over 2,500 readers have benefited from the products and I’m humbled that so many people have decided to part with their hard-earned dollars to help improve their own financial situation! So thank you. Over $2,000 generated in one month is incredible and really motivates me to keep pumping out great content!

I’ve been very focused on my newly released dividend investing web application. This has been a stressful affair but hopefully rewarding in helping people significantly cut down the time they need to spend researching stocks. It is available to blog readers at $5/month.

Overall, this was still a very nice month! How was your December?

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