Ex Dividends for the Week of 12/6/2020

There are a number of key dividend stocks going ex-dividend this week. Here’s a list of the ones I like with their yield, 5 year dividend growth rate, and a projected 10 year yield on cost given their current yield and growth rate.

CompanyTickerYieldDGR510yr YOC
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.HPE4.27%29.7%52.4%
Ameren Corp.AEE2.52%4%3.96%
CME Group IncCME3.21%9.92%8.26%
Medical Properties Trust *MPW5.25%4.2%7.9%
PPL CorpPPL5.8%2.8%7.63%
Automatic Data ProcessingADP2.13%16.9%10.12%
Spire IncSR4%5.8%7.06%
DGR5 = 5 Year Dividend Growth Rate, 10 yr YOC = Yield on Cost in 10 years if DGR5 continues

$MPW is one of the 3 REITs I own in the healthcare space along with $OHI and $NHI. Hewlett Packard and Automatic Data Processing are the clear growth winners. CME Group is also a nice dividend grower with a decent yield. Ameren, PPL, and Spire are the boring but very predictable utilities.

Shameless Plug

I made a decision to suspend blog ads in the beginning of 2020 as the viewing experience suffers too much. So readers, you’re welcome! 

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