May 2020 Ex-Dividend Watch List

Each month I attempt to list some of the stocks going Ex-Dividend during the month. Last month I was a bit late, but this month I’ve managed to stay on top of things.

The market panic over the coronavirus fallout has made a number of corporates extremely attractive! I’ve included some lower yielding stocks because they have higher growth rates that will push their long term investment ROIs into a range that I’m looking for.

I’ve denoted companies that I own with a *.

Texas Instruments *TXN2.89%5/1/2020
Magellan Midstream Partners *MMP10.31%5/7/2020
Enbridge *ENB7.54%5/14/2020
J.M. SmuckerSJM2.97%5/14/2020
Main Street Capital *MAIN9.70%5/19/2020
Wallgreens Boots AllianceWBA4.09%5/19/2020
Discover Financial ServicesDFS4.39%5/20/2020

I’ll be diving into these stocks more deeply over the next couple weeks, hopefully sooner rather than later to take advantage if there is any advantage to be gained. At a quick glance, PFE, WHR, and DFS are really interesting to me as new positions.

To get to my methodology for selecting these particular stocks, check out my book Too Much Money. I outline the tools and tactics needed to whittle down a huge universe of potential stocks into just a few per month. Blog readers get a special 25% off by using this link!

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