April 2020 Ex-Dividend List

Each month I post a number of stocks that go Ex-Dividend that month and also meet some of my stringent criteria. Most likely I either hold, want to research more deeply, and/or intend to purchase these prior to the Ex-Date. I apologize for being late on this, there have been a few good Ex-Dates that have passed. Current positions are denoted with a (*).

TickerYieldEx-Dividend Date
ABBV *5.76%4/14/20
MAIN *11.92%4/17/20
EPD *12.27%4/29/20

It’s a pretty short list this month. I had a limit order out on CSCO that didn’t get filled, but I’m ok with that since I’m most likely going to buy something on this list in its place. It would have been a very opportunistic purchase like TXN.

There are a few ultra high yielders for those not faint of heart. MAIN is a business development corporation that is structured as a monthly paying REIT that is interest rate risk sensitive and heavily affected by what’s going on right now. Pipelines have been hammered as oil was crushed in the last month and a half. I’m still long and there was a great article on the safety of EPD’s conservative MLP business model that I’ll have to dig up.

Either way, I’ve been buying discounted stocks along the way and will continue to pick more deals up as I see them.

I detail my process of creating higher yielding, moderately growing, high quality stocks in my book Too Much Money. Blog readers who use that link can get a 25% discount off of the retail price. Hurry as the price at the time of writing is only $14, but will finally land at $19 as soon as I hit 1900 followers on twitter.

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