March 2020 Dividend Income

As dividend growth investor we are focused on generating passive income. And what better way to do that than to share income generated?

March is my lowest month for dividend income. There just aren’t that many companies that hit my stringent criteria, and I feel like a few of these companies were a stretch as I’ll go into later.

This month we generated $1,418.95 in dividend, interest, and other income across 5 REITs, Stocks, and MLPs. If you aren’t aware, we focus on buying well-managed, higher yielding, yet still growing assets, most of which are REITs and MLPs. There are a few C-Corps that still fit the bill, but they are few and far between, although with the recent downturn, there is good value to be found and we have deployed additional cash over the past month to buy some of those issues to get some of the better tax benefits of qualified dividends.

Without further ado, let’s review:

Arbor RealtyABR$204.00
EPR PropertiesEPR$77.25
MAIN Street CapitalMAIN$68.06
Exxon MobilXOM$213.15
Extra Space StorageEXR$90.00
Gumroad Earnings$552.25

A number of these positions are worrisome. ABR in particular is one that I acknowledged as a high risk position when I purchased, but intentionally made a smaller than normal position size to reduce portfolio volatility.

EPR Properties was the first income stock that I purchased several years ago. With cinemas and Top Golf courses shuttered, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a temporary suspension or cut from this monthly payer.

Main Street Capital is another debt focused REIT as a business development corp. It has risk as well, but its strategy of paying semi-annual special dividends and having cash on hand for those distributions may help them in this situation. I could see them accelerating a move to smooth out those distributions.

I’ll group the Oil and MLPs together. These are all pure cash flow investments in oil and gas pipelines. They all generate a ton of cash and tend to increase their dividends / distributions very often. Over time, I’d expect these to not generate much capital appreciation and the competition for pipelines in a commodity that is starting to see peak demand will make these opportunities less attractive over time. However, people still need natural gas for heating and cooking, oil to get refined for gasoline, and people still need plastic products.

I should have added a line item for blog advertising income, but it was so paltry I did not include it. As a result I’m going to suspend the ads and reevaluate if traffic continues to grow. The viewing experience suffers too much given the money. So readers, you’re welcome! 🙂

My Products on Gumroad!

Finally, there is a non-dividend & interest row. If you don’t know, I have written a book on my dividend growth investing strategy called Too Much Money. Additionally, I have a guide called Copy, Twist, Spin on how to create your own eBook based on the work of others. It’s a disruptive take on writing books that don’t have to satisfy the distribution demands of large publishers, how to gain momentum in marketing, and how to grow a loyal tribe of followers. For blog readers I’m offering them as a bundle at a 25% discount to normal price using this link.

Overall, 247 readers have benefited from the products and I’m humbled that so many people have decided to part with their hard-earned dollars to help improve their own financial situation! So thank you. Over $1,300 generated in one month is incredible!

Overall, this was still a great month in lieu of the crazy coronavirus markets! How was your March?

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