February 2020 Buys & Sells

If you aren’t aware, I’ve been slowly investing a large lump sum in my portfolio. In February I purchased shares in 9 companies. These purchases were to add nearly $7k in forward annual income.

Unfortunately, many of the purchase were made prior to the Coronavirus panic. Subsequently, some of the worst had 50% drawdowns in equity. So far, none have cut their dividend payouts, but I could see ABR, MAIN, SPG and some of the oil companies being affected by lower oil prices.

TickerCompanySharesCostProjected Income
NHINational Health Investors12281.50$538.02
APTSPreferred Apartment Communities1,00010.00$1,050
STORStore Capital Corp28535.1771$399
ABRArbor Realty Trust68014.68$816
MAINMain Street Capital33245.00$544.48
ENBEnbridge, Inc.35042.75$854.75
SPGSimon Property Group106141.36$890.40
XOMExxon Mobil Corp24561.32$852.60
MMPMagellan Midstream Partners LP24760.75$1,015.17

I wasn’t planning to buy a few of these companies, but the start of the panic urged me to start moving forward some of the purchases that I was going to make in March. Additionally, I figured out a little late that my position sizes were a bit too large. The last few purchases were made with close to $10k per position instead of $15k allowing me to diversify a bit more.

How was your February activity?

Also be sure to pick up my free dividend position tracking spreadsheet and my book Too Much Money on a strategic and tactical approach to dividend investing for current income. These two tools together will help to jumpstart your investing journey!

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